Amp Up Oral With The Kivin Method

Amp Up Oral With The Kivin Method

Oral sex is one of the best parts of pleasure in my book. If your partner has a vulva, there's a spicy technique that can enhance their pleasure: the Kivin Method. Let me guide you through how to master it...

What is the Kivin Method? The Kivin Method is a technique for oral sex on a vulva, but with a twist. Instead of approaching your partner straight-on and between their legs, you come at them from the side. This slight adjustment will blow her mind and give her a completely different sensation. 

Why Try the Kivin Method? This position allows better access to your partner's "K points," two small bumps on either side of the clitoral hood that can be extremely pleasurable when stimulated. Moreover, it facilitates a unique form of intimacy. As the giver, you can easily make eye contact with your partner and incorporate additional stimulation with a finger or toy, all while observing their reactions.

How Do I Try the Kivin Method?

  1. Lay perpendicular to your partner, facing down.
  2. Have them lift up their knee closest to you.
  3. Position your mouth above their genitals, with their leg draped over your shoulder.

Unlike traditional oral sex, you'll be viewing the clitoris sideways. Begin by teasing around the area with kisses on her inner thighs, mons pubis, and labia. When ready, focus on the clitoris.

Use one hand to gently raise and hold the clitoris in place with your index finger and thumb. Start licking gently. Some may feel the K points, which feel like two small grains of rice, but don't worry if you can't find them. Focus on your partner's enjoyment, observing their reactions.

How Do I Use My Tongue? With the Kivin Method, you're licking horizontally (like your licking an ice cream cone). Vary between gentle and more intense licks, paying attention to their body language.

You can also experiment by making circles with your tongue, flicking it, or adding gentle sucking. Collaboration is key here; work together to discover what feels best.

What Do I Do with My Hands? Use your free hand to explore their body, such as rubbing their chest or gently squeezing their nipple. You can also brace their hip down or squeeze their inner thigh, depending on their preferences.

Inserting a finger can also enhance the experience. After pleasuring them with your mouth, gently insert one finger and gauge their response. Always communicate and ask for feedback.

Should I Add Toys? For added stimulation, consider using sex toys. Bullet vibes for shallow penetration, finger vibes for nipple teasing, or a flexible vibe for stimulating the perineum can intensify the experience.

Now go try the Kivin Method and give your partner a new level of intimacy and pleasure!


xo, J

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